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outstanding value and ambiance

kilometer 7 on the Mahahual Beach Road

Mahahual, Quintana Roo Mexico


Hurricane Dean

damaged Kohunbeach


We are rebuilt.


Wake to a shimmering Caribbean sunrise, the gentle sounds of  waves breaking on the reef and tropical bird songs on the beach of the Yucatan Peninsula's fabulous Costa Maya. Here where the Caribe pirates hid their booty in the 1600s and the even older ruins of Mayan cities rise on the highlands to the west of the Xcalak peninsula glide through the untouched jungle. Kohunbeach with a name inspired by Kohoon Palms of the famous Kohunlich Mayan ruins inspires the same tranquil pleasure from the palms nurturing its cabanas.

The Costa Maya is still off the beaten path.......  Come for a unique, relaxing and comfortable vacation. Travel a little farther south from the crowded, expensive Riviera Maya and step away from the ordinary into a realm of reef protected beaches, relaxation, fishing, kayaking and exploration.  

Accommodations at Kohunbeach include three spacious palapa roofed, raised tile floor Cabanas. Cabanas feature Queen-size beds and two have a sofa bed that will sleep a third person. Full private bath with hot and cold water showers and 110 volt electricity. Don't worry there are no TVs or phones to disturb your stay. Each cabana has the appropriate hammocks and beach chairs under a tree enveloped palapa. The value of quality hammock time may be your most important discovery of your stay.


Check out our recommendations from Lonely Planet, Hunter Guide, Moon Guide and...

A world of adventure awaits on the reefs, on the shore, in the mangrove lagoons and the coastal savannah.

Guests are invited to use our kayaks to explore the shoreline reef or to wander the flower gardens surrounding the  well.

We will help you plan your vacation with visits to the breath-taking Mayan ruins of Tulum and Kohunlich, the local sites of Rio Indio, Los Limones and Chacchoben and to the ports of  Xcalak and Chetumal. Rise early to jog along the beach, or hike the trails through the mangove to the savannah. Explore Rio Indio to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. Kayak and fish the reef, and the lagoons and fresh water lakes of Rio Uach.  We also have a private cenote in the nearby jungle for those with a sense of adventure.


Kohunbeach is a 6km drive from the fishing village of Mahahual. Here on the days when a cruise ship is in port you will find the widest array of tourist souvenirs - from the most banal plastic to exotic unique local handicrafts. On cruise ship days the town comes alive. Bars and  restaurants spring into action along the beach. Rent bicycles, golf carts, dune buggies, horses or personal watercraft to join the tourists or strike out on your own.  

It is a mere 50km drive from the famous Xcalak fishing and Chinchorro Reef dive centre. 

Diving is what the area is most famous for. Dive shops in Mahahual and just up the beach at the famous Maya Palms resort may soon be able to take you diving or snorkeling to the best locations in the Northern Hemisphere. The Chinchorro Bank is 1 hour away. 

Local fishermen will be glad to take you just off our beach to fish for the sought after Bonefish.


But best of all, lie in our hammock, listen to the rhythmic lapping sounds of the waves and relax.


General Information

Deposit and cancellation policy
A credit card is not required to secure a reservation but please let us know if you must change your plans. 

Brochure available upon request. If you wish to contact us by email, our address is


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Kohunbeach Cabanas
...a unique vacation experience
Your hosts, Janet Costa and Guillermo Carreon
7 km Beach Road
Mahahual, Mexico 77940                  (who needs a phone with all this)

AP 134
Chetumal, Quintana Roo 77000        email:

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